Protecting Your Information When Trading Phones

Have you recently thought about trading in your old smart phone for a new one? Many people do it, but not many people are aware that they could also be trading in their privacy.KMPH FOX 26 News reporter, Ellina Abovian, uncovered how this could put you at risk of exposing your secrets.It's a small device that keeps our lives in order, everything from banking, shopping to our social lives. And with new versions hitting the market nearly every day, many people find themselves cashing in their old smart phones, for shiny new ones.Screen Works in Clovis specializes in repairing, buying and selling smart phones. On average, it takes in several phones a week for trade or re-sale.But what happens when these smart phones get into new hands or worse the wrong hands? You could risk losing phone contacts, pictures, or even your identity. According to research, in 2013, 95 million U.S. adults used their phones for online banking. What's risky is the fact that many of the apps and sites you use, store the personal information you give them, like address, phone, credit card and billing information. Before you get ready to hand over your phone, take some precautions first.1. Create a complex password, something that is unique to you.2. Back up your phone to your computer, this way you still have access to all of the information in your device.3. You can also install additional security on your phone, similar to an anti-virus program on your computer.4. Perform a factory reset to wipe the phone clean completely.The process varies from phone to phone. It may be a good idea to check with your carrier service's store, or take it into a local shop, to help you do it the right way, but, make sure the shop you choose, is one you can trust with your phone-and information.