Prostitution Crackdown In West Fresno

There's a certain part of Fresno where people know they can find a prostitute and their services, and Fresno Police are trying to shut it down.

For the past month, undercover officers have posed as prostitutes in the area known for that type of business -- along Parkway drive in West Fresno, between Belmont and Olive.

Motels line Parkway Drive, and officers say the girls and their pimps line up right alongside them.

Just this week an undercover officer busted half a dozen men trying to hire a prostitute.

Officers also reminded motel staff not to do business with prostitutes or the people hiring them or they could face fines of $1,000 to $50,000.

Investigators say where the girls and pimps are, crime goes up in the area as well.

"As these girls get picked up, they'll go right around the corner and they'll stay in the car and perform this type of act within a block or two or in front of a residence, so the residents are also concerned," Fresno Police Sgt. Greg Noll said. "A lot of the pimps who are using these girls to make money, we're learning as we do our investigations they are tied to different gangs, not only through Fresno but throughout the state."

Some motel workers told officers that people threaten them if they try to turn the girls away. But officers will continue to patrol the area to try and catch the bad guys.