Prop 30 Gets Final Push From Governor Brown

Governor Jerry Brown arrived at the Plumbers and Pipe fitters union hall in southeast Fresno Monday amidst cheers from about 200 union workers.

It's one of his last stops pushing Proposition 30 before voters head to the polls.

"This is the people's initiative. That's what's so great about it," Brown said.

Prop 30 will increase taxes on people making more than $250,000 for seven years and increase the state's sales tax by 1/4 cent for four years to fund schools and public safety.

Governor Brown says, after years of cuts to both, it's time to take a stand.

"This is not just about politics. This is also a moral issue. It's a moral issue and I would cite St. Luke, chapter 12, verse 48. To those who much is given, much will be required," Brown said.

But critics say, with the money going into the general fund, there's no guarantee that it will even go to schools.

"If we're to believe the Governor's promises that it's going to go to education, why wasn't it written into the proposition itself?" David DeFrank said. "I think that the Governor has employed some budget gimmicks in the past and he needs to pay for them. I think he's using education as a tool to get that accomplished."

DeFrank with the "No on 30" group says Proposition 30 will only lead to more pain for already struggling Californians.

"California already has the highest sales tax in the nation. It means we're going to be paying more for groceries. We're going to be paying more for gas at a time when we just can't afford it. I think it's really going to hurt middle class families, without any increase in education funding necessarily," DeFrank said.

But Governor Brown maintains, it's what the people want.

"When I ran for governor, I said we wouldn't have any new taxes unless the people voted for it themselves. And that's the opportunity tomorrow," he said.

One of the biggest questions people have had for the Governor about this proposition is how he can guarantee that the money will be spent on public schools.

KMPH tried to ask him that at the rally, but he would not take questions from the media.

Proposition 30 needs 50% of the vote to pass on Election Day.