Prom Dates Wearing Duct Tape Dress And Tux

A Madera Ranchos couple heading to the prom Saturday night can expect an evening of stares and possibly a few giggles. That's because both their outfits are 100 percent duct tape.

Kinsey Carlson is a junior at Liberty High School in Madera Ranchos. It's pretty likely she and her date will be getting a lot of{}double takes from friends on{}Saturday night. "It has a corset back so{}I can actually get into it and{}I don't have to duct tape it to my body, which is kind of nice."

Kinsey and her date are competing in the "Stuck at Prom Contest" sponsored by Duck Brand duct tape. It's a national contest with a $5,000 scholarship for each member of the winning couple. {}

Kinsey's Mom Barbara Linman is very supportive. "Mom{}I found a scholarship opportunity I'm going to sign up for and when she told me what it was{}I looked and{}I thought well{}I told her to sign up for every opportunity."

Kinsey's date Darren Brannan will be decked out in duct tape too. It took her three different attempts to get the pants{}right. There's also a sleeveless shirt and a tux coat with tails. He hates the bow tie. "He was fine with the rest of the stuff. I mean{}I don't know many guys who would wear a suit made of duct tape but he drew the line at the bow tie."

When it comes to the competition it takes more than just the dress and the tux. "They require that we have accessories in order to place well in the competition so{}I decided to go big and{}I got this huge vintage umbrella and completely covered it in duct tape."

She also has shoes that look more designer than duct tape plus what she calls an extremely large clutch wallet. Her dress is still a work in progress.

Kinsey believes the more feathers the better. It's a four month project that she's extremely proud of. "It's an experience and{}I don't think I'm every gonna forget it." Kinsey also went through 30 rolls of duct tape.

Here's how the Stuck at Prom Contest works. On June 18th the field is trimmed to ten couples. If Kinsey and Darren make it then there is an online public voting that ends in July. We will let you know how they do.