Pro Boxer Jose Ramirez Joins The "Fight For Water"

Valley farmers have a new ally in their "fight for water." Pro boxer Jose Ramirez is Valley born and raised. {} He's currently undefeated after six pro fights. {} His next fight will be on Valley soil at the West Hills College Campus in Lemoore. {}

Farmers are already wearing shirts to promote the "fight for water. " Agriculture meant a lot to my family. {} That's how my dad brought food to the table because of the jobs working as a field worker. {} It's been a part of my life."

When it comes to water 2013 has been a trying year for Westside farmers.{}{} Almond trees are a big investment on the{}Westside but they're one of the kings when it comes to making money.{}{}{}

But Shawn Coburn says{}many growers who don't have enough water are yanking them out.{}{}"A lot of guys are having to make tough decisions as far as what blocks of trees that they're gonna pull out based upon their water budgets for next year and the amount of water they can pump from their ground wells."

Many Westside farmers rely on federal water to keep their crops alive.{} This year's allocation was 20 percent. Coburn's says next year's projection starts at zero.{} "Unless we can restore some type of reliability to the water system itself yeah the Westside will be going thru theses ups and downs... zero allocation years in perpetuity."

Boxer Jose Ramirez can't believe what's happening.{} "It's kind of devastating when you know over a hundred acres of land are gonna go to waste cause of a lack of water. {} That 100 acres brings a lot of jobs to people so that was the motivation that got me to be a part of it."

The Latino Water Coalition is helping to promote the "fight for water." It's message to boxing fans and viewers is simple; food, jobs, hope... just add water.

The fight on November 9th in Lemoore will be nationally broadcast on Univision's sister network, Unimas.