Preventing A Tragedy: Staying Safe On Lakes and Rivers

Local lakes are packed with people celebrating the Fourth the July. Many of them are trying to prevent a tragedy.

It's was busy day at Millerton Lake with people boating, jet skiing and swimming. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

"Whenever we do any type of activity we always put our vests on, because safety comes first," said Rossendo Hernandez, who was making sure his family stays safe while out on the lake.

"I'm always watching my kids, always watching my little cousins," he said. "I'm just looking out everybody."

Keeping a look out is something several families are doing. They don't want anyone wandering away.

"They know they have to look out for us and stay within our eye sight," Araceli Gonzales said.

Staying safe out at the lake also means keeping cool and hydrated in extreme heat.

"We always put sun block every few hours and stay underneath the shade as much as we can," Hernandez added.

People say they don't want their Fourth of July celebration to end with a tragedy.

"There are a lot of kids out here and they could easily drown if their parents aren't paying attention or not being safe," says Wilfriedel Navarrete.

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