President Welty Says Goodbye To The Neighborhood

Fresno State President John Welty{}is a month away from retirement but he's officially out of the home provided by the university.{} John and Sharon Welty have called the house on Van Ness Boulevard their home for 22 years.

They're moving out early so crews can paint and make repairs before President Designate Joseph Castro moves in.{}{} The Welty's are leaving the neighborhood but Dr. Welty doesn't retire from Fresno State until July 31st.{} "We're almost there. {} As{}I start to wrap up things I'm really looking forward to the next stage."

University House sits on 1-point-3 acres and was gifted to the university by Robert and Catherine McMahan in 1965.{} The president is required to live in the house.{} The Welty's have fond memories.{} "Sharon and{}I were married here. {} We've had family here a lot. {} Of course lots of university activities and outings, our pinnacle society dinner's here, foundation board dinners. {} So there's lots of great memories of this place."

Before{}Dr. Castro and his family move in, work has to be done to the state owned house.{} It needs painting outside and inside plus repairs to bring it up to safety and building code standards.{}{}One Welty does retire he and Sharon{}will relocate{}to the Palm Springs area.