President Ronald Reagan's Son Speaks Out About Malaysia Jetliner Shot Down

Former President Ronald Reagan's son, Michael Reagan paid a visit to the valley Thursday evening.Reagan says if his father was still President and the Malaysia jetliner happened, he would take swift action.Reagan says, "If my dad were President, if George Bush were President, if H. W. Bush were President, if Mitt Romney were President what we are seeing unfold in the news today would not be happening."Holding nothing back, Reagan says when his father was President, the world listened.Reagan says, "There wouldn't be a Malaysia plane shot down today. You wouldn't have Israel send ground forces into the Gaza because he supported Israel. He didn't give a lip service he actually supported Israel and the next time some starts laughing about Star Wars. Ask the Israeli's how's that working out for you as you take down those missiles coming in from Hamas."Reagan says don't believe him.In 1983 when Soviet fighters shot down a Korean flight with more than 60 Americans on board, including a congressman, his father called out the Soviets.As for the job President Obama is doing?Reagan says, "He's not doing his job, no. Because his thought process is if it broken its America's fault."Madera was just one of many stops.Reagan says from here he's headed to Ohio and Chicago.