President Obama Says U.S. Will Not Send Troops To Iraq

President Obama announced Thursday there will be no direct combat for U.S. troops in Iraq. The president also told reporters U.S. assets are in place near Iraq.

The president met with his national security team in the situation room to figure out the nation's next move in Iraq.

With Islamist militant group ISIL taking control over several major cities in Iraq, the Commander in Chief says the U.S. will get more involved, but American forces will not return to combat.

Some congressional Republicans are urging the president to launch airstrikes to weaken the militants.

The ongoing crisis in Iraq could have an impact on the summer driving season here at home.

The conflict has some speculating the gas supply to the United States will be affected, forcing gas prices to climb.

Oil experts say the price spike is being driven by fear that exports could be hit later this year, just as world demand peaks.