President Obama Coming To Fresno, But There's Another Presidential Plane In Town

President Barack Obama will arrive in Fresno Friday on Air Force One. However, it won't be the only Presidential plane in the Valley. There's another one on display in Atwater and KMPH Fox 26 News took a tour.

"It is an overwhelming honor," says Castle Air Museum C.E.O. Joe Pruzzo, "It is really, really important to our citizens to have this aircraft here. It's a crown jewel is what I would say."

The plane that flew President Ronald Reagan and President Bill Clinton is the only Presidential plane in Central and Northern California.

The blue and white paint are recognizable as a former Air Force One. Inside, there's the cockpit, and seats for staff and news reporters. There's also a communications desk.

"It's to make sure communications were maintained and if they needed secure lines they would do that too," adds Pruzzo.

Presidents, Vice Presidents and First Ladies would sit at a main desk. The seats are so high, that Nancy Reagan's feet wouldn't touch the floor. She had a footstool, but one day it disappeared.

"The fabrication shop in maintenance received word, drop everything you're doing and fashion a footstool now," says The Castle Museum C.E.O.

First ladies Laura Bush, Hilary Clinton, Barbara Bush, and Rosalynn Carter also flew on the plane.

At its permanent home in Atwater the Presidential plane is seen as symbol.

"The United States of America is what it embodies. It embodies our values, our core values, and the diplomatic mission of the United States," says Pruzzo.

The plane flew all over the United States, Central America, South America and Europe. It was donated to The Castle Air Museum.

There are tours of the Presidential plane on Saturday, Sunday and Monday at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm. Click here for the details.