President Obama Changing Syria Timetable

Washington, D.C. - Doug Luzader, Fox News

The push for a U.S. strike on Syria is delayed, as the White House prepares to make its case to congress.

The White House is running into one delay after another here - some have to do with politics, while others could simply be delay tactics by the Syrian regime

With a second aircraft carrier now beefing up the U.S. Navy's presence in the region, along with at least four destroyers believed to be packed with tomahawk cruise missiles, President Obama insisted that he really hasn't made up his mind yet. "Well, first of all, I've not made a decision. I have gotten options from our military, had extensive discussions with my national security team," said Obama.

But in reality, Mr. Obama is in something of a bind here. For starters, he hasn't yet made the case for war to a public that remains deeply skeptical of any military involvement in Syria. Then there's Congress.... where the hallways are empty while members are still on vacation.

The White House will offer a briefing Thursday to a select group of lawmakers, but the president is likely to ignore calls for a full vote - raising serious constitutional questions with the president facing tough questions from some in his own party. "I just believe that Americans have to realize that if we go in we may not get out as quickly as they believe we may," said Orange County Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D).

And in an awkward twist, we may need to give more time to the British government so they can conduct a vote in Parliament.

The Syrian government, meantime, may be buying some time - now calling on U.N. inspection teams to stay in the country to investigate regime claims that rebel groups have, themselves, used chemical weapons. But we are now hearing from the U.N. Secretary General that the inspection teams will probably leave Syria on Saturday.


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