Prepare For $4 A Gallon Gasoline

Gasoline prices could top $4 in the Valley this month.

Regular unleaded is only four cents away from $4 at Red Rocket Convenience Store in Clovis. And at Bubble Clean Food Store in northeast Fresno, it's the same.

Some Valley motorists are starting to feel the pinch of rising gas prices once again.

"[I'm] really annoyed at our government," said Julie Siket, a driver who has become frustrated with the recent rise. "[I'm] really annoyed that{}I don't have enough money to get all the gas{}I do need."

The Automobile Club of Southern California blames rising prices on the usual culprits: Middle East tensions; refineries being brought down for maintenance; plus, the price of crude oil from Alaska is also responsible for a 7-and-a half cent increase this week.

But Siket isn't convinced, saying, "I think a lot of it is excuses and we pay the price."

Elizabeth Nahigian feels the same way.{}{}

"Because everything keeps going up and{}I don't know what to think about it,"she said.

Right now, regular unleaded at{}an{}ARCO station in southeast Fresno is still 40 cents away from $4. And gas prices are just as high in the mountains. Regular unleaded is 3.89 at Stage Stop in Mariposa.

Tony Estrada fills up extra tanks to keep him in supply at his home in the mountains.{}

He says that he is not optimistic about where gas prices are going.{}{}

"I think it's going to continue until the people get together and do something about it," he said. "I think it's going to continue forever."

Industry analysts predict $4 a gallon gas will hit the Valley by Valentines Day.