Power Helpers: Valley PG&E Workers To Help In Sandy Aftermath

Utility workers from across the country, including 10 from Fresno, are heading to the East Coast to help out.

PG&E workers are accustomed to hitting the road, but not normally this far, or for this long.

From central California, it's a 3,000 mile trip across the country - a convoy of help.

They're bringing equipment for working above and below the ground.

Foreman Jimmy Rogers is a P&E vet based out of Fresno, with 20 years for the company. He's responded to disasters before and knows full well the reception he and his crew can expect.

"A lot of times they don't know where they are from, but when they get their power back on there is a lot of pride in that...we all enjoy seeing their faces," said Rogers.

Some like Rogers are locals, the rest come from other parts of the state, all ready to represent Pacific Gas and Electric on those who need it most on the East Coast.