Power For Thanksgiving? Families Still Waiting For Their Electricity To Be Restored

An update now to a story we first brought you on KMPH News Monday.

One week ago fire ripped through a downtown Fresno apartment complex.

Families who live there are struggling to survive seven nights in a row without electricity.

Renters say they could not get the owner to make necessary repairs, to get power restored.

And they didn't know who to else to turn to so they called KMPH.

We tracked down who owns the building, and found out both the city of Fresno and the property owner's reps blame each other for the situation.

We called PG&E.{} A rep told us it's waiting on the city of Fresno to inspect the building and clear it before power can be restored.

So we went to city hall. City officials say the power can be restored as soon as the property owner comes down to city hall and applies for the proper permits.

City officials there told us they're waiting on the owner.

"They would need to come in and get an electrical permit that would start the process for our electrical inspector to go out and see what condition the electrical panel is, then the contractor would need to make the repairs, in order to get that cleared so PG&E can turn the power back on," said Brian Leong, with the City of Fresno.

City building inspectors completed a fire damage report last Friday, three days after the fire.

According to the report, the fire damaged breakers and circuits which need to be replaced.

The man who's speaking on behalf of the owner blames the city for dragging its feet on completing the report.

The apartment manager says a man named Virgil Fairly out of Sacramento is overseeing the task for the property owner.

He says contractors are lined up to do the job.

But so far, the city says, no one has showed up to get the permits.

Meanwhile, because of our story and phone calls, the city's code enforcement department tells us it's sending a team to the apartment complex Wednesday to check things out.