Poverello House Concerned About Its' Toy Supply For Christmas

Fresno's Poverello House is hoping it has enough toys to handout to kids on Christmas morning. The non-profit is concerned because its' toy bins aren't bulging as in years past.

Poverello House sounded the toy appeal to the community at the start of the weekend. Kathryn Weakland{}says its warehouse has room for a lot more toys. "We don't have our families sign up so we have no idea how many people will show up on Christmas morning so we would just hate to run out. Have a child go away without a gift."

Sunday the community responded with bags of toys. Ramona tutors at the Rescue Mission and she took the time to drop off a couple of presents. "You guys are doing wonderful being out here in the rain and everything like this for them. That's wonderful. Take good care of yourself and have a very Merry Christmas."

The unwrapped gifts in the bag didn't gather any dust. Christmas wrappers were waiting to engage their scissors and snip the paper. Arianna Quintero spent part of her birthday wrapping presents with family and friends. There was a lesson to be learned Sunday, "My Mom decided we should try this, something new so we could actually learn the true spirit of Christmas."

Poverello House serves meals 365 days a year. It never runs out of food and the people in charge hope they keep with tradition, and have enough gifts for all the kids.