Pot, Guns And Punk Found. 2 More Still Hiding

A man wanted in connection with a drug deal gone bad that left another man partially paralyzed is in jail after he was found in a Fresno County home Thursday.

Police from San Luis Obispo, Fresno and Clovis along with Fresno County Sheriff's deputies searched three homes including one east of Fresno.

They were looking for six men, three from San Luis Obispo where the shooting happened in early November, and three from Fresno County.

Police say they found one of them hiding out at a house near Armstrong and Olive as well as weapons and a bucket full of about 150 pounds of bagged marijuana.

As for the man who was shot, San Luis Obispo police officer Jeff Smith says, "They were unable to remove the bullet from his back. It's between two vertebrae, too close to the spinal chord. He does have some paralysis on the right side, below the waist."

Police are not releasing the name of the man arrested Thursday but they say he and the others still at large will face charges of conspiracy, robbery and attempted murder.