Pot Bust: Thousands Of Marijuana Plants Removed From Fresno County Farm

More than $400 million worth of pot plants were ripped out Tuesday in one of Fresno County's biggest marijuana busts.

Fresno County sheriff's deputies spent hours at a 66-acre illegal pot farm on Zediker and Tulare avenues where more than 20,000 plants were found.

The site was disguised as just another Valley farm, deputies said. But hidden BEtween corn crops and tomato plants were rows and rows of marijuana.

Fresno County Sheriff's Department Lt. Rick Ko said the vegetable crops were not being harvested Instead, large amounts of irrigation water was being wasted, something Ko said an actual Central Valley farmer would never do.

Deputies bulldozed the young marijuana plants just in time. They were about a month away from harvest.

Ko said the plants that were removed could have grown about 6-feet tall and produce about three pounds of weed.

"If that weed is sold, especially out of state, sellers can get anywhere between a $1,000 to $4,000 for it," Ko said.

"And at $4,000 a pound, you're at $300 million. And those numbers sound incredible, but what we find this marijuana being shipped out of state and being sold regularly for $4,000 a pound."

But the five people arrested in this bust told deputies they thought they were growing it legally and for medicinal purposes. In all, 21 people were caught working on the farm.

"Its not about the medicine, it's about the money," said Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims.