Pot Arrests Lead To Honey Oil Lab

A search warrant was served at a house located Arizona Avenue near Tuolumne Avenue in Madera County. Agents seized 181 live marijuana plants, 18.6 pounds of processed marijuana, 93.7 grams of Butane Honey Oil, and 12 firearms at the residence. {}BHO (Butane Honey Oil) is process used to extract the purest form of the THC chemical found in marijuana. THC is the narcotic compound that gives marijuana users that "high". The process is so dangerous because of the volatile butane fumes that can easily ignite and explode, it not only puts the lives of lab workers in jeopardy but it endangers the lives of others in the surrounding area as well.The process is very dangerous because it can cause an explosion, just like one that happened in Fresno earlier this week. Avila Hernandez and Mark Cravatt were both taken into custody and facing multiple charges.