Target Hacked? Millions May Be Affected

If you used a credit card on black Friday, or in the days that followed, it may be a good idea to check your statement now.

Hackers may have your information.

Fox Business News cites sources who say card data was stolen from Target retailers starting on Black Fridayand possibly as recently as December 15th.

There are nearly 1,800 Target stores across the U.S.

This means, hackers could have the information of millions of people.

Fox reports that investigators believe the data was obtained through software on the machines that customers use to swipe the magnetic strips on their cards.

The news has alarmed some shoppers in the Central Valley.

Melissa Beasley of Sanger has shopped at Target at least four times in the last month.

"That's our house payment, all the bills," she says. "I use by debit card for everything. The thought that someone could get into my bank account so easily is worrisome."

So far, Target has not issued a statement.

Calls by KMPH News were not returned.

But, Secret Service Spokesman Brian Leary confirmed to CNN it was investigating the breach.

The Secret Service also looks into financial crimes.

But Leary wouldn't go into detail.

As of Wednesday night, very few shoppers even knew about the possible breach.

The parking lot at the Target location on Willow and Herndon in Northeast Fresno was packed, with less than a week to go before Christmas.

Shopper Rhonda Davis says she was surprised it took anyone that long to catch on if there was a crime.

{}"That's a long time, it gives thieves time to buy things!" she says.

Another shopper, Brenna Miller, adds, "It makes me mad. We work hard for our money... it's unfair.

So far, Visa and Mastercard have not commented on the investigation.

But a spokeswoman from American Express told CNN{}the creditor was aware of the incident and has put fraud alerts in place on customers' accounts.

People do have the right to request a copy of their credit report once a year, for free.

If you'd like to request yours, click here.{}