Possible Attempted Kidnapping Near Clovis North

A misunderstanding or an attempted kidnapping at Clovis North High School{}Wednesday afternoon. Fresno Police say a very frightened 14-year-old girl is now safe at home. What detectives are trying to figure out is whether a 22-year-old man tried to kidnap her by the Clovis North campus or was he just clowning around.

He's{}in hot water and he could be facing an attempted kidnapping charge after he talks to detectives downtown. Fresno Police were called just after 4:30 Wednesday afternoon.

A 14-year-old girl told them a man in a green Mercedes tried to kidnap her. Lt. Anthony Martinez says the man was sitting in his car in the school parking lot when police arrived.{}"Based on what the victim has told us this could be something as severe as maybe an attempted kidnapping. This could also be something close to a misunderstanding when the male was simply trying to get the female's attention."

Police also searched the man's car and then called a service to have it towed to an impound yard. Right now it's a she said, he said case. The man hasn't been booked into jail. Because the incident happened at Clovis North, school safety always comes into focus.