Porterville Man Shot,killed In City's First Homicide Of The Year

A man was shot and killed outside of a Porterville convenience store Sunday night, police said.

The shooting happened around 11:30 p.m. in a convenience store parking lot located on South Plano Street in southeast Porterville. Investigators say that the man, whose name is being withheld by police during the investigation, was approached by two males while he was waiting on someone who was inside of the store.

One of the two men pulled out a handgun and fired a gunshot, striking the man in the chest.The two men then fled from the scene.

The man was taken to Sierra View District Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The homicide marks Porterville's first homicide of the year.

Police say there is no indication at this time that the victim was involved in any gang activity; however, it is possible that the suspects were.