Popular Clovis Haunted House Might Be Torn Down

There's a battle going on over one of the oldest homes in Clovis. The city says it's not safe for people to be inside "Wolfe Manor".

"Wolfe manor" has been in the spotlight for year, because many say the house is haunted. However, the public's obsession with the haunted house is one of the reasons it might have to be torn down.

"It becomes an attractive nuisance, because it attracts people to it even though you might try to close it off," says Clovis Fire Chief Micheal Despain.

Chief Despain says the department has been working with the owner of "Wolfe Manor" since 2008 and there are dozens of violations. The Chief says there are stairs missing, holes in the ceiling and the floor might cave in.

"We've done a number of events there where we've had to provide stand-by, because it's that dangerous," adds Chief Despain.

No one is allowed in the house, because of safety concerns. However, the home's owner Todd Wolfe says the city is overreacting.

"There's not a thing wrong with the house," says Wolfe, "People have come in here, architects have come in and they say there's nothing wrong with the house."

Wolfe adds he has put up a fence, boarded the windows, installed a camera and has a security guard live on the property.

The city says Wolfe has until April to start repairs. If he does not begin renovating the house within the next eight months the city says it will be torn down.