Pool Boy Robbed At Gunpoint; 1 Suspected Robber Still On The Loose

David Bonilla, Fresno pool boy, robbed at gunpoint on Thursday.

One man has been arrested while another is on the loose after using a shotgun to carjack a pool cleaner on Thursday, police said.

David Bonilla said he was finishing up when two men jumped the fence of the southeast Fresno home where he was cleaning the pool and then pointed a shotgun right at him.

"I just got down on my knees and said, 'seriously, I'm the pool guy,'" Bonilla said.

He said the robbers searched his pockets. And when they discovered that he did not have anything, that's when the two men got upset.

"[They] took off and they were pretty much like, 'if you get up, we'll shoot you. So, don't even get up,'" Bonilla said.

The two men then took his truck and drove away.

The two men, however, did not get very far.{}

Police arrested one of the men just blocks away after he wrecked David Bonilla's stolen truck on a curb.

The other man is still on the loose.

No injuries were reported in the incident.