Political Signs Set On Fire & Stolen For Fresno City Council Candidate

Right now, one candidate in the race for Fresno City Council says his signs are being stolen and set on fire. District One candidate Ramar Dawar says since the start of the campaign more than 100 small signs and up to 60 big signs have been stolen. If that wasn't enough in the last few weeks a half dozen have been set on fire. One of the thefts took place outside his own campaign headquarters. However he is hoping police will catch the thief because the crime was caught on camera. Dawar says, "I want to have a fair race. We need to represent people of this district and whoever is elected needs to be ethical and a role model for our community. It's not good to steal signs and burning them." Dawar is not blaming any of his opponents. However he does say the thefts have hit his political campaign wallet hard. He has filed a report with the Fresno Police Department. Dawar says, "Not only is it frustrating, but it's a loss of money. We need to reinstall all these signs and it is a lot of work to re-do that." The consequences of stealing signs can include a large fine or even jail time. Stealing signs is a misdemeanor of petty theft and can carry a maximum penalty of a $1,000 fine or imprisonment of up to six months.