Purse Snatcher Attacks Fresno Woman

{}The holiday shopping season is up and running and so are the crooks, running that is, with women's purses in hand.

A quick trip to the supermarket left a northeast Fresno woman the victim of a crime.

Her purse, filled with her wallet, credit cards, keys, and other valuables was ripped off.

Fresno police say this is the time of the year when crooks look for 'crimes of opportunity'.

Purses not held securely and gifts left inside cars, in plain sight, are favorite targets.

Shopper Fran Saint Andrews says, "Because it's a holiday people are carrying around more cash."

Mr. Saint Andrews says he is always aware of his surroundings and does his shopping with his wife alongside.

His wife, Freda, says she always wraps her purse around her arm; just in case.

Store employees tried to chase the teenager who ran off with the stolen purse, but the thief got away.

The victim says she now has to cancel all of her credit cards and change the locks on her home, because the crook got away with her keys.

Police say there are things you can do to be safer this holiday season. {}The first is to not leave gifts and other valuables in plain sight in your car.

Also, look at the cars parked on each side of you as you're walking to your car. {}There could be someone in them who is watching you.

If someone is sitting alone in the seat nearest your car, you may want to walk back inside a store and get a store employee to walk out with you.

In addition, never just sit inside your car with the doors unlocked as a predator could be watching you with the intention of moving in to steal something when you're concentrating on something else.