Police Walk To Kick Out Neighborhood Crime

The Fresno Police Department is taking an old-fashioned approach to community policing.

Thursday afternoon, officers and volunteers in southeast Fresno hit the streets, literally, on foot.

They passed out flyers notifying residents that nearly 10 car break-ins and 8 home burglaries have occurred just this past month.

Brody Eric Beard says his car was broken into this past week.

Beard says, "All the glass was broken out and all of our stuff out of the trunk was taken. That's unfortunately not uncommon. It's really bad around here especially within the last few months."

Thursday afternoon, Fresno police arrested 18-year-old Ernest Byrd for breaking into a home.

Police say he admitted to one burglary, but may have committed others.

This past Sunday, crooks ripped off most of Teresa Portillo's holiday lawn decorations.

Weeks ago, police caught a man who jumped her fence after driving a stolen van and was in her back yard.

Portillo says passing out flyers will not make a difference.

She says what needs to be fixed is the revolving door at the jail.

Portillo says, "They are putting them in, one day or the same night they get out. It's costing us money... we work so hard and look what they are doing to us."

Others say they would like to see the patrols increase.