Police: Teenager Brings Gun On Fresno School Campus

Parents of students at Fresno's Kratt Elementary want to know why they were never told about a teenager who brought a gun on campus this week.

Tuesday afternoon just after 4, police say the principal saw the teen waving a gun on campus.

Police say the principal then confronted the teen.

Police say the teen put the gun back into a camouflage holster jumped on his bike and took off.

But not before he yelled several profanities at the principal.

The principal then went in and called police. However Fresno officers didn't arrive at the school until the following day.

Fresno Deputy Chief Keith Foster says, "Anytime you have an individual that is armed with any weapon that call should have been a higher priority call and we are looking at it internally."

Foster says the department is investigating to find out why "a teenager with a gun on a school campus" did not get the attention it needed.

Foster says the reason officers didn't arrive at the school till the next day is because, "The principal stated that she would be at the school till around 5:30 that day and had she left the best time to contact her was the following day. And around 4:30 it was our shift change and we didn't have an opportunity to get to that campus into that time frame."

Foster says despite what Fresno Unified is telling parents, we still don't know if it was a real or replica gun.

The department does know the identity of the teenager and is actively searching for him.

Police say the only reason why the principal thought the gun might have been a replica is because the gun was brown.

However, police say a lot of hand guns are in brown, and the weapon did not have a red tip on it.