Police Say Neighbors Helps Catch 14-year-old Burglar

A Northeast Fresno woman came home Wednesday afternoon to an unwanted surprise.

The woman told police she found two bikes and two strange men in her living room.

"She ran out screaming somebody help me, help me ... somebody has broken into my house," said Robert Vega.

Vega, a contractor, was working across the street when he heard the woman's cry for help.

"It was tossed up, broken window; they went through everything...the two guys," explained Vega.

By the time he and another neighbor arrived to the woman's house, they say the crooks had already left.

"She said that usually her kids would go in before her so it's a good thing she was by herself," said Vega.

Police say the burglars didn't stop there.

Just minutes later, police got a call from another woman, a few blocks down.

The woman told police that she needed help, and that two men had broken into her home.

"It's unusual, but it just shows how brazen these kids are...that they just didn't care," said Sergeant Mike Palomino of Fresno police department.

Neighbors say while the crooks may not care, they do.

Neighbor, Garrett McColl is now considered a hero in the neighborhood.

Police say he used a baseball bat to catch one of the crooks.

The suspect he caught, police say is just a 14-year-old kid.

"I got a hold of him. He ran out into the street, got a hold of him ... held him until the cops came. They came pretty quickly though," said McColl.

McColl explained that the two guys made their way into his backyard, and were jumping a fence.

"I'm just glad he got stopped, I know her husband just left the house twenty minutes ago, and would have done the same. Just happened to be in the right spot, in the right time," said McColl.

Police set up a large perimeter around the northeast Fresno neighborhood.

Officers and K-9units went from home to home; looking for the second suspect.

Police say they are still searching for him tonight.

No one was reported hurt during the incidents.

Anyone who has any information about this crime is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 559-498-STOP.