Police Remain on High Alert After Gang Threat

For the second day in a row, Fresno police remain on high alert after a gang made threatened to kill a police officer.

Fresno police are now taking extra precautions, like riding double in cars. And street cops have been told to be careful when heading to certain type of calls.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer says it's not his desire to challenge or call out gang members, but he wants them to know any threat will be taken seriously.

"I would much prefer them to put their guns down and walk away, but if they chose not to we will be prepared to prevent those threats from being carried out," Dyer said.

The threats came after a police shooting Easter Sunday.

Police say a gang member{} wanted for shooting and killing another man was armed when officers shot him.

Dyer said the police department's anti-gang unit and swat team will remain on alert. He added that he wants the public to know they should not be paranoid about this citywide alert.

In fact, he does not even want his officers to share that feeling, he wants them to be diligent and alert of their surroundings.