Police 'Pump Brakes' On Street Racers

Hollywood films like, "Fast and the Furious" make street racing look exciting.

But it can be dangerous and potentially deadly.

If you are caught racing, Fresno police say you can face hefty fines.

These two drivers were pulled over by officers.

Police say they are members of two different car clubs in Fresno.

Drivers say they met on face book, and each claimed to have the fastest vehicle, so they decided to race.

Little did they know, Fresno police were right behind them.

Man says, "This is actually my first face, first time I ever raced just happened to get caught the first time.."

Reporter says, "Now your car will be impounded for 30 days."

Man says, "Yeah, I don't suggest people do it."

Police say they're just thankful no one was killed.

So what is the answer to the problem?

At least one car club member thinks someone should build a drag race track.

James Sanchez says, "We should have a race track out here, because a lot of people loose their lives it would be safer."

Reporter says, "You've had friends who lost their lives?"

James says, "Lost their lives, we've got fast cars out here we should get some race tracks out here."

Police say both cars were impounded for the next 30 days and the fines could reach 8 to 9 thousand dollars because they were racing in a construction zone.