Police Presence At Mt. Whitney High : Student Threatens Violence

It's been a week since the terror in Newtown Connecticut.{} Now copycat scares on school campuses have been popping up all over the country.{}{}The latest threat happened at Mt. Whitney High School in Visalia. {}

Visalia police were on motorcycles and in patrol cars parked outside Mt. Whitney High. {} Parents{}waiting for early{}dismissal just after noon, were on edge.{}{}"I'm nervous, very scared for my daughter," said parent Tonya Logan.{}

Police say a fourteen year old gang member from Woodlake is responsible for the tension on campus. {} He was arrested Friday morning charged with making terrorist{} threats.{}{}{}Captain Jason Salazar says detectives{}learned from students that he planned to "shoot it up" at Mt. Whitney.{} "He didn't have any guns. {} He did indicate he was intending to carry out the threat but apparently didn't have the means to do so."

There was a heightened police presence on{}campus{}but it never climbed to lock down status. Students say it was unusual to see cops guarding their school.{} "Like weird here cause nothing like this ever really happens here. {} So it was just different."

Tonya Logan was relieved to see her daughter after school.{}{}"Times have changed with kids and you can't always protect them."

A potential crisis was averted due to good police work. {} But for students it was an unforgettable sight on campus with cops everywhere on the last day of school before vacation.{}{}