Police: Man With Record Drags Two Officers, Crashes Into Fence

It was a wild ride for two Fresno police officers, after a man driving a stolen car drug the two officers before crashing into a fence.{}

The crash happened early Monday morning, just outside the Papillon Apartments in northwest Fresno.

Juan Alaniz, 27, was found sleeping in a stolen car by Raymond Jeffrey, a security guard in the apartment complex.

Jeffrey said Alaniz had pulled up to the apartment complex gate with his music blasting, wanting to enter. Jeffrey said he blocked him from entering. When Jeffrey came back on duty, he says he returned to find Alaniz asleep in his car. That's when he called Fresno police.

When the two officers approached Alaniz to wake him up, he slipped the car into drive and took off, and the officers held on for dear life.

Alaniz drove in a circle crashing into the apartment fence.

One officer suffered road rash, the other hurt her leg and arm.

As for Alaniz, he now faces a number of charges, including driving a stolen car and a DUI. Police also found a knife under the driver's-side seat.

KMPH News uncovered Alaniz has been arrested eight other times just this year.

Several of the arrests include driving a stolen car, and drug charges.

Each time, Alaniz was released from the Fresno County Jail, because his crimes are categorized as "non-violent."