Police: Man Who Crashed Into Car Lot was High on Methadone

KMPH Fox 26 News has learned new details about the driver who, Clovis Police say, crashed through a car sales lot Saturday.

Police report 22-year-old Michael Salazar was under the influence of Methadone - and possibly Xanax and Cocaine - when his truck went into the lot at Clovis and Sierra Avenues.

Officers believe the drugs made Salazar nod off behind the wheel, and right into a red Toyota pick-up truck on the lot.

"It has all the frame damage, the battery, the radiator. It's totaled, " says Luis Abrams, a salesman at Auto Mercado, who saw the crash.

The truck was still on the lot Sunday.

But instead of going to a new owner, it's now going to the wrecking yard.

"It was pretty crazy... craziest thing I've ever seen in my life," Abrams said.

Abrams says the business had been having a stellar day, averaging more sales than usual-when the truck came onto the lot.

"We looked out the window out of our building... we see this truck coming down, speeding," he says.

A Chevrolet truck was also totaled, as the initial crash set off a chain reaction of trucks hitting trucks, and minivans hitting minivans.

"We were looking forward to selling them. They were really good cars," Abrams says.

It turns out this wasn't the first time a car has crashed into that car lot.

A driver went into the lot earlier this year.

That driver also totaled a red Toyota pickup truck.