Police Make Arrest In Hit And Run Death Of Citizen Soldier

Submitted Photo of Fernando Buenrostro Jr.

Police have made an arrest in the weekend hit and run car crash that killed a citizen soldier.

Jesse Ryan Fuentes, 23, of Los Banos, was arrested on Wednesday morning when Los Banos police located the white 2001 Ford F-150 described in the crash that killed 18-year-old Fernando Buenrostro Jr.

Fuentes had been driving with a suspended license, officers said.

Officers spotted the truck in the area of Mercy Springs Road and Santa Cruz Way. The truck had damage to the front driver-side hood and grill where it made impact with Buenrostro, who had been riding a scooter at the time of the crash.

Ray Reyna, the Los Banos police commander, said Fuentes has been cooperative with detectives and has provided details on the crash.

Fuentes faces felony hit and run, causing death of another and driving with a suspended driver's license charges.