Police Find Pounds Of Copper Wire In Fresno Man's Home


A man who police say had a lot of copper wire is in big trouble right now.

Clovis police say they were looking for a man wanted for burglary, but instead they found pounds of copper wire.

Police say it's the kind of copper wire used to power city street lights.

Police reportedly found it Sunday morning at the home of 51-year-old Sammy Cooper.

Police were originally looking for Cooper for a different burglary.

But officers stumbled upon the loot of stolen city property, instead.

They say it's enough wiring to light nearly one mile of city lights.

Police cannot yet confirm which city the wire was stolen from.

They couldn't tell us the value of the wire either, but say it's pretty generous.

Copper wire theft has been an on-going Valley issue.

Just last November, city officials spent nearly one million dollars repairing pull-boxes around Fresno.

The lids of the boxes were cemented down; making it harder for crooks to pry open.

For years, thieves only had to lift a 15-pound lid to steal the copper wiring.

At one point, as many as 4,000 street lights were out.

Cooper was eventually arrested for possession of stolen property at another Fresno location.