Police Bust Chop Shop Behind Central Fresno House

A Fresno woman is relieved after police tracked down her stolen car.

Patrice Jones said she reported her black Suburban SUV stolen three months ago.

It wasn't until Tuesday, when she spotted the car in the backyard of a central Fresno home along White Avenue and Clark Street.

"I seen the older dude with the gray shirt he was down there taking the parts apart. Like the parts off my car. We all got nothing now," said Jones.

Jones said she immediately called police who arrived just in time.

"We came in together, made contact and we were able to make contact with two individuals who were actively stripping the vehicle," said Sergeant Tim Tiejen.

In the end, police arrested Elizabeth Trebino, Leslie hood, and Jose Garcia.

Police identified the scene as a "shade tree chop shop."

These types of chop shops are hidden behind homes, making them harder to spot.

Inside the backyard, police found several cars, scraps of metal, tires, rotors and tons more.

A hard sight to see for Jones and her family who watched as their gutted car was hauled away.

"It's just a shame because how can you take from a family who needs that? And it hurts because we don't have no where else to go. That's all we had," said Fancy Dixon.

Police say these types of citizen driven arrests are what help them put crooks behind bars.