Police: Buried Remains are Fresno Teen

Police have confirmed that{}the body found buried in a shallow grave in the backyard of an east Fresno home Tuesday is that of missing 15-year-old Fresno teen, Steven Humphrey.

The body was identified through dental records.

Humphrey's father, David Essman, said he received a call from police confirming his son's remains early Monday morning.

"Watch your women and children, the innocent and the meek, because there are sickos out there," Essman said." And keep a better on yours than I did, I guess."

Humphrey disappeared more than four years ago.

His body was discovered, Tuesday, less than a block away from where he lived, buried beneath a shed in a neighbor's backyard.

Nearly a week later, homicide detectives confirm what friends and neighbors have long insisted to be true.

Investigators have remained tight lipped about details surrounding Humphrey's death.

"I don't think he crawled in there himself and then covered himself up and built a shed over him. That would be kind of hard to do. Even Houdini couldn't have done that one," Essman said.

Essman and the rest of the family are adamant they know who the killer is -- the man who lives in the house where Humphrey's remains were found.

Essman said that man, who is currently behind bars for a probation violation, has been threatening to kill his family.

"He more or less admitted guilt when he called my daughter and told her the same thing is going to happen to your dad that happened to Steven."

The family is holding a car wash to help raise money to pay for a proper burial for Humphrey's

The car wash is scheduled for the 26th, 27th, and 28th, at Toys "R" Us on 3520 W Shaw Ave. in Fresno.