Police Arrest 3 Gang Members In Murder Investigation

The owner of a central Fresno bar says he is having a difficult time surviving, after a deadly shooting took place in a parking lot outside his bar near the corner of Shields and West.

The owner of Nick's Bar, Emilio Ferrero says his bar is being unfairly connected to the shooting and its affecting business.

Ferrero says, "My bar has been unfairly targeted and stereotyped as a bar with trouble after the shooting. That is not the case! The shooting happened in the street outside. I have no control what people do after they leave my bar."

Ferrero shared with KMPH News Reporter, Erik Rosales exclusive video from inside his bar, the night of the September 27, 2013 shooting.

Ferrero says it clearly shows an argument-taking place between two women, just moments before the bar closed for the night.

Ferrero says the women were thrown out.

As for the shooting victim, 30-year-old Brandon Cervantez, Ferrero says, "You can see the man, Cervantes never had a problem with anyone inside the bar and left."

This week, Fresno police did make several arrests in the murder case.

Thursday night, 25-year-old Daniel Rozadilla was arrested outside his Fresno home.

Police say Rozadilla and 25-year-old Raziel Cruz severely beat Cervantez.

Detectives add 22-year-old Kevin Ramirez then pulled out a gun, shooting and killing Cervantez.

Officers say all three are known gang members.

Police say the murder investigation continues and more arrests could take place.