Unexpected Stop: Plane Headed for SFO Diverted to Fresno

The crash that shut down San Francisco's airport Saturday afternoon resulted in a change of plans for planes already in the air. {}Many were diverted to other airports in northern California.

One American Airlines flight ended up landing here in Fresno.

The stop in Fresno wasn't on the itinerary for several passengers, who left Dallas, Texas, Saturday morning.

"The pilot came on and said the San Francisco airport was closed and there was no further information, and we were going to be diverted to San Jose, then he came back on and said San Jose couldn't handle the diversion then we'd be going to Fresno," said Patrice Moore, who was on the American Airlines flight.

And at first, Moore and her fellow passengers on the flight had no clue why their flight was suddenly diverted.

The lack of information had many thinking the worst.

"I was already scared, this is my first time on a they're telling me we can't go to San Francisco. {}In my head, I was like please put me down, I want to go down," said Amanda Beard, who was on the American Airlines flight.

As soon as they landed, she says most people got updates on their cell phones about the crash at San Francisco's airport.

American Airlines then gave its passengers two options: take another plane out of Fresno to Los Angeles, then on to San Francisco, or pay for your own ground transportation to the Bay Area.

"Which for us, we'd already planned on doing while in San Francisco, we'll just enjoy the scenery on the ride there," said Moore.

So dozens of passengers collected their luggage in Fresno, got in line to rent a car, and made the trek from to the Bay Area on the ground instead of in the air.

Meanwhile, two flights that were scheduled to arrive in Fresno from San Francisco were canceled.

And at least one other flight going out of Fresno was delayed.