Man, Child Killed in Plane Crash in Southwest Fresno

The investigation into a plane crash thatkilled two people Thursday night in Southwest Fresnois expanding.

As KMPH Fox 26 was the first to report, crewshave discovered a second piece of the Cessna plane that crashed as it waslanding at Chandler Airport.

A large portion of the plane went down on thefront lawn of a home along West Avenue.

The plane appeared to be landing when itcrashed.

Neighbors thought they saw it crash into atree, then fall onto the lawn.

"At first I thought it was going to hit my uncle's house,"said 17-year-old Esmeralda Ortega. Her uncle lives two houses down from the crashsite. She says she saw, "Flames, high flames. It was ugly."

Esmeralda says her family ran to the home where the planewound up. "I yelled, 'Get out! A plane hit your house!'"

A second portion of the plane was found aboutan hour later, in the back yard of a home at Hawes and Thorneabout 1.4 milesfrom the crash site.

Firefighters say a man and a child, aroundnine years old, were the only people on board the plane. Both were killed.

"Nine years old he didn't get to live hislife," said Esmeralda. "Not even graduate high school."

The plane did not damage the home on West Avenue, and noone at the home was hurt.

Witnesses tell our KMPH Fox 26 News crew onthe scene that the plane looks like "a pile of metal."

Investigators with the National TransportationSafety Board (NTSB) are on the way to investigate the crash.