Plane Belly Flops At Fresno Airport

A Fowler pilot and his wife on Sunday had to make a belly-flop landing in their Cessna plane.{}

The plane's landing gear got stuck after take off from Selma airport.{}

Jim Simonian says he spent an hour trying to fix the problem but it wouldn't budge. So, he decided to land in Fresno because an emergency team would be there to greet the plane.{}

Simonian and his wife Eileen hung on as the plane belly flopped on runway 29 left.{}{}It slid and then came to rest leaning on its left side.{}

Simonian said he and his wife had no choice but to ride it out and hope for the best.{} Both{}were not hurt in the{}emergency landing.

Simonian says{}he and his wife were flying to Harris Ranch in Coalinga for Father's Day breakfast.{} They did make it to breakfast but Sunday they had to drive instead of fly.{}{}{}{}