Plan Scrapped: Accused Kerman Metal Thieves Arrested

A man and woman from Kerman are facing narcotics and grand theft charges, the Madera County Sheriff's Office said.

Yvette Majarro, 21, and Alexander Tafoya, Jr., 24, were arrested after 7 a.m.

Deputies received a phone tip regarding a white Dodge Chrysler parked along the roadway on Avenue 12 1/2 near Road 24. The tip reported that a woman was tossing items from the trunk of their car.

Deputies say they found Tafoya lying in the backseat of the car with a bruise around his eye. Tafoya told deputies that he was punched by someone who accused Majarro of theft. He also told deputies that the two were on the side of the road because their car ran out of gas.

Inside of the car, deputies found dozens of metal irrigation and gate valves. The two told deputies that they found the metal on the side of the road, near where they pulled over.

Three glass pipes containing a substance resembling methamphetamine was also found in the car, deputies said.

Tafoya was booked into Madera County Department of Corrections on suspicion of Grand Theft, possession of a controlled substance, possession of stolen property and committing a felony while out on Bail. His bail set at $60,000.

Ramirez was booked on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance, possession of stolen property, possession of burglary tool, criminal conspiracy and Grand Theft. Her bail set at $10,000.