Pit Bulls Maul Elderly Man

A 70-year-old Fresno man is resting at home with more than 40 stitches on his arms and hands after two pit bulls attacked him.

70-year-old David Loy is thankful to be alive.

David Loy says, "I have 40 stitches in my body... 28 in this one and 12 in this one."

Friday afternoon, Loy was walking to the store.

He was just a half block from his home, when two pit bulls jumped out of a yard.

David Loy says, "I had one hanging on my arm while I was trying to swing the other one off. One had my hand and just ripped it to pieces. I ended up getting 40 stitches for people being careless with their animals."

Fidencio Ibarra heard the screams.

He risked his own life to save the man.

Marina Ibarra says, "My dad he just got a stick, because he's a landscaper and used one of the sticks to save the guy."

Loy is thankful for his help.

David Loy says, "If it wasn't for you I'd be dead by now."

Police say officers arrived and then the pit bulls started going after them.

Officers shot one of the dogs five times with bean bag rounds, and shocked it with their stun guns just to stop it.

The owner of the pit bulls says his dogs got out through a hole in the fence.

The dogs' owner, Eric Hamed says, "I feel so sorry for the man that got bit. I didn't know my dogs were like that."

However, Fresno police say they've been called out to the home before because of the dogs.

Neighbors agree and say they have attacked before.

Neighbor Maria Venegas says, "They have a history, they attacked my neighbor's dog, and they attacked the dog behind they broke the fence in the back, and they attacked the dog that lives behind too.

Loy has this message for the dogs' owner.

David Loy says, "If you have a vicious dog out there, vicious dogs, keep them locked up or keep them on a chain."