Pit Bull Fight - Man Stabbed After Pit Bulls Bark At Each Other

A fight over pit bulls ended with a man getting stabbed in Southeast Fresno. It happened at an apartment complex parking lot and the fight that led up to the stabbing was caught on camera.

Surveillance video shows two men walking their dogs when the pit bulls start barking at each other. The men hold their dogs back but start arguing with each other.

The cameras show both men walk away with their dogs in different directions. However, Police say it didn't end there.

Investigators say "Gabriel Ambriz", one of the guys caught on camera, ended up stabbing the other guy in the stomach.

Fresno police say the video shows Ambriz walk away from the stabbing like nothing happened. Officers say he even wipes his knife on the grass.

Police say the guy who got stabbed is going to be okay.

Fresno Police are trying to find Gabriel Ambriz. If you know where he is you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 559-498-STOP (7867).