Pit Bull Attacks Officer, Police Shoot At Dog

A Fresno police officer is recovering after he was attacked Friday morning by a pit bull, in a neighborhood near Fresno and Olive Avenues.

Police say the dog bit the officer in the leg, knocking him off his feet.

Police say the SPCA captured the brown pit bull.

Sgt. Alex Flores says, "The officer fell backwards on the ground began yelling and kicking at the pit-bull... the officer shot one round at the dog."

The officer missed, and the dog ran back into a nearby yard.

The officer also suffered scratches to his elbow and arms.

Police say the dog was traveling in a pack that had been terrorizing the neighborhood for several weeks.

Police say just before the attack, one of the dogs was shot and killed by a homeowner in the 2400 block of East Tyler. The home owner said the dog was attacking his cat and then turned on him and he had no other choice but to open fire.

Police say the homeowner protecting himself and his animals will not face any charges.

However, officers say that is not the case for the owner of the pit bulls.

That owner is facing a number of fines and citations, and he may loose his dog forever.