Pirated DVD's & CD's Inside Warehouse, 2 Men Arrested

Federal agents ripped apart a Fresno County warehouse, inside agents say nearly a million dollars worth of pirated DVD movies and music CD's.

The bust took place Friday morning at a warehouse on South Cherry Avenue, just north of Central Avenue, right next door to Orange Center Elementary School".

Department of Homeland Security agents working with those in the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America seized the CDs, worth more than $700,000.

Also in the warehouse, agents found more than 13,000 pirated DVD movies, many of them blu-ray quality.

Homeland Security says the two men arrested would go out in the community, bring people back to the warehouse, and sell them the items.

Agents say the investigation has been underway for more than year.

During the raid, teachers and staff at nearby Orange Center Elementary school kept the kids inside, as a precaution.

Federal agents would not give out the names of the two men arrested.

However, agents did say both will be arraigned next week, likely Monday on federal charges.