Phone Scam- Don't Answer Your Phone!

There's a new scam to warn you about and it involves your phone.

These scams are called "Ring and Run", "Dial and Disconnect," or "One Ring." {}Whatever the nickname their goal is the same: charge you big money without you knowing.

According to Forbes, the call might ring only once, leaving you a missed call number listed on your phone. Or a robocaller might stay on the phone after you have picked up, but then drop the call after a few seconds.

Here's the key to protecting yourself: fight the urge to call back!

Forbes reports that the criminals establish the number as a premium service, so your rate can cost more than $20, just for the first minute.

Here are the area codes to look out for... {}4-7-3, 8-0-9, 2-8-4, 6-4-9, 8-7-9.

This advice doesn't apply if you are expecting a call from these area codes but, if it is a random call, be cautious.