PG&E To Raise Rates

State regulators approve a planned pipeline upgrade that could raise costs to rate-payers.

A ruling that some say lets PG&E off the hook for the horrific pipeline blast that killed eight people in San Bruno back in 2010.

The ruling allows PG&E to raise rates by about 299-million-dollars between now and the end of 2014, to cover the upgrade of its vast network of gas pipelines.

What does that mean for you and me?

Well, the San Jose Mercury News is reporting it will raise the typical residential bill by 88-cents next year, and an additional 48-cents the following year, for a total increase of one dollar and 36 cents by the end of 2014.

An investigation into that deadly 2010 blast found it was caused by a rupture in a pipe that PG&E failed to properly inspect.

The proposed work includes pressure testing 783 miles of gas lines, replacing 186 miles of pipe, installing 228 automated valves and upgrading 199 miles of pipe.