Pet Plastic Surgery: Owners Putting Pets Under The Knife For Enhanced Look

Sometimes it's purely cosmetic. But other times, it can actually improve the health of a pet.

From braces to cosmetic eye replacements to tummy tucks, some pet owners are putting their pets under the knife to give them a new look.

The cosmetic changes are happening in and out of the operating room. KMPH found images of dogs with pierced ears and artsy tattoos and even an advertisement for implants to "help" neutered dogs.

It's something veterinarian Chris Bern has already been asked about in his practice.

"I think it is becoming more common for clients to pay for cosmetic surgeries," Bern said.

Purely cosmetic procedures can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Pet insurance doesn't typically cover cosmetic surgeries, and many vets, like Bern, won't even do it.

"I Don't think it's worth putting them through the pain and the recovery and the risk for our perception of how they're supposed to look," Bern said.

The American Veterinary Medical Association and the Humane Society of the United States are against performing surgery for only cosmetic reasons.

But there are many cosmetic procedures that are done for health reasons, like obesity.