Dozens of Cars Damaged In Fresno's Tower District By Tire Slasher

People who live in Fresno's Tower District say they're being tormented every night. They say someone is slashing their tires and they have no idea who's doing it.

"It's just blatant vandalism and there's no point," says Matt Sharrock, "They aren't stealing anything."

People say every single morning there are cars with flat tires lining the streets, because they've been slashed. {}

"It just kind of seems unnecessary for anyone to do something like this and do it to other people," says Taylor Dolphin.

Dolphin's car was vandalized the other the day. He says he's afraid to put on a new tire, because several cars have had their tires slashed twice.

"I just put on a donut and I'll keep it on until I purchase a new tire or see if this one can be fixed," adds Dolphin.

In the Tower District most who live in apartments have to park their cars along the street, but many are afraid to leave their cars out.

"It just seems like we're being tormented. Who knows who's going to be the next victim," says Sharrock.

No one has seen the person who's vandalizing the cars yet, but those with damaged cars have a message for that person.

"He should know that Tower District people are vigilant and we'll take care of it if we ever see anything."

Replacing tires is expensive and some people say they can get the holes patched. However, others told KMPH a new tire can cost a $100 to $250. Many say that's more than people who live in the area can afford.

People who live in the Tower District are working on a plan to protect their cars. They have a Facebook group to share what's going on. To join the group click here.